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Patent Information Services

Complex patent and information research is necessary for any company in the development and commercial promotion of new products and technologies, as well as to reduce the cost of creating new products by eliminating duplication of development efforts.

Development in the absence of information about what similar technical solutions already exist, how technologically developed the industry itself is, and what developments are expected in the next few years, may lead to the development of an existing, and, therefore, non-patentable and, most likely a non-competitive technical solution. Taking into account previous developments through analysis of the solutions identified during the state-of-the-art search will allow to embrace information about the most advanced technical solutions and develop a modern and competitive technological object.

Moreover, the study of similar solutions on the market (for sale) is likely to be insufficient, since a large segment of the already created technical solutions simply does not reach the market, for economic, technological or other reasons. In addition, it is important to consider that patenting outpaces the market, and applications for technical solutions that are currently being filed will be implemented in finished new products only in a few years.

Patent and information research can provide a clear idea of the development trends of the industry and with a high degree of probability identify the most promising areas of development. Such studies are carried out on the basis of data produced by a patent search to determine patentability (or, alternatively, prior art search), as well as analysis of patent documents received by leading developers and companies that are leaders in this field of technology.

In addition, patent and information research provides an objective picture of innovative activities of competing companies.

All these data identified during patent information research allow making the most informed and accurate management decisions.

In modern realities, the role of patent research has increased manifold, the challenge of conducting patent research on an ongoing basis is quite acute, providing new developments in a continuous manner.