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IT, Data Protection and Privacy

We have wide experience in advising Ukrainian and foreign clients in the field of IT, protecting information, personal data and privacy, and related fields of law. In particular, we specialise in providing legal support with regard to the creation, licensing/distribution and protection of software and databases rights transfer, protection of information, information security, licensing in the field of protecting information, certification of informational systems and cryptographic data. In addition, we develop, analyse and coordinate outsourcing agreements, as well as advise on various aspects of outsourcing models.

We give special attention to the various aspects of protecting personal data, which involves implementing numerous legal, organisational and technical measures in order to protect data from illegal access, copying, distribution, destruction and other activities. We provide legal support for operations related to the implementation, processing, storage and transfer (including cross-border) of personal data. We also conduct legal due diligence of data protection state and prepare the necessary documents to protect our clients’ personal data more effectively.