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IP Enforcement and Anti-counterfeiting

The spread of counterfeits negatively affects rights holders' reputation and endangers consumers. For many years, we at Gorodissky & Partners have been helping Ukrainian and foreign clients to enforce successfully their IP rights and combat the production and distribution of counterfeits.

We offer an integrated approach to combating counterfeiting, including through:

  • recording IP rights on the customs authorities’ IP registries;
  • monitoring and investigating counterfeits;
  • participating in searches and police raids;
  • preparing and submitting warning letters to infringers;
  • preparing and submitting complaints on the illegal use of IP rights to the customs authorities and police departments with the express goal of bringing the alleged infringers before the competent courts;
  • preparing and submitting statements of claim to courts in order to recover damages and receive monetary compensations for IP infringement.

We also hold trainings and seminars for personnel from Customs and law enforcement agencies, as well as closely collaborate with Ukrainian customs offices and law enforcement agencies on all issues relating to the protection/enforcement of IP rights and the combat against counterfeiting.