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IP Due Diligence and Audit

Selling, merging and acquiring businesses, raising private equity, establishing joint ventures, reorganising and restructuring companies all require the collation of complete and accurate information on one or several companies’ positions in the market, financial situation and capacity of production facilities and property portfolios — of which intellectual property will form a substantial or even dominant part. All these transactions and business occurrences also require meticulous legal analysis of the intangible assets involved in order to identify possible risks of default, invalidation of the transaction, seizures or penalties on exclusive rights, liability, forfeiture of rights, etc.

We help our clients to conduct integrated IP due diligence and audits in order to determine the effectiveness of the acquisition or sale of a company or specific IP rights, to identify potential risks related to the transfer of such company or rights, as well as to protect our client’s business as a whole, taking into account the investment in intangible assets. In consultation with our clients, we prepare objective reports on the condition and sustainability of the IP rights at issue to enable our clients to make sound business decisions.