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Advertising and Media

Media and communications are among the most attractive areas for investment. The most popular segments of the media market today are mobile applications, social media, video games and multimedia. Network platforms that use user-generated content and media content uploadable by users (blogs, profiles on social networks, etc) deserve special attention.

Traditional media, including periodic press, TV channels, radio channels and others are also evolving. New advertising methods appear constantly — be they online (on blogs, banners, content advertisements), through mobile network (SMS advertisements), in computer games (casual advertising), in films and video clips (hidden advertisement and product placement) or indoor and outdoor adverts (LCD displays).

We have wide experience of advising Ukrainian and foreign clients on compliance with legislation on media and advertising, data protection and privacy and protection of their honour and business reputation.

We develop, analyse and coordinate contracts for the provision of advertising services and agency agreements, contracts with scriptwriters, music writers and directors, agreements with journalists and photographers, as well as prepare other documents necessary for the work of media resources and advertising agencies.